Validation & Monitoring Equipment Services

Instrument Testing and Calibration


Validation Services Overview

Your Validation and Monitoring equipment is a critical part of your business. Well maintained and calibrated equipment ensures that it operates at peak performance and complies with regulatory requirements. We maintain a highly trained service organization using fully tested components. When you use our service you obtain the full support of the manufacturer. We offer complete product support for the life of your Kaye equipment, going beyond typical calibration to provide you with the highest quality of calibration, maintenance repair and aftermarket service. Consider us your global partner we deliver low-risk solutions and the finest customer support — bringing the best results to you.



Services Overview

Services Overview


Validation & Monitoring Equipment Service & Calibration


Service Contracts
We offer Silver and Gold Equipment Maintenance Agreement programs designed to meet your critical calibration and maintenance needs.


To assist customers in meeting peak demands, unexpected situations or evaluations and also to minimize downtime of important processes, we offer an array of measurement, test and calibration equipment on a short or long term rental basis.

Validation Calibration & Services

Calibration / Repair
We maintain laboratory accreditation (NVLAP: ISO 17025 and DAkkS: EN 17025) and provide both “mail-in” and “on-site” service options.

System Upgrades & Installation
We continue to improve existing products while developing new solutions.

Kaye Validator Manual Cover

The Installation Qualification & Operational Qualification Protocol defines a set of procedures to ensure that our equipment is properly installed.


Field Service
We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of calibration and repair services.

Certification Service
We provide a variety of certification services, which confirm that your equipment is at factory specification.

Global Service Locations

Service Locations
We operate a global network of service centers and a field service organization to provide customer support for repair, returns, calibrations, technical support, evaluation and spare parts.

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